Title Isurance Los Angeles | Title Insurance The short answer to the question is yes. But, that doesn’t explain why.

Title insurance is important because it protects the buyer from claims on the property that come up after the sale.

Some of these problems are:

• Old loans that were not found during the title search process

• Easements on the property not disclosed or properly recorded

• Faked deeds and other fraudulent claims to the property

• Liens or other encumbrances on the property otherwise not found in the courthouse records

A title search should turn up everything about the property that is in the courthouse records. However, people are human and make mistakes. Title insurance covers you in case mistakes are made.

As with previous loans, easements for utility lines, right of passage for others crossing your property to get to another property and so forth should be recorded in the deed records at the courthouse. However, people sometimes make agreements between themselves and don’t bother to list this information on the deed or at the courthouse. Title insurance protects you and your investment from whatever claims might arise from an easement.

Title fraud is an increasing problem. Spotting a faked deed or property title may be easy to do, but it still has to be worked out. The judicial system can and does bring criminals to justice, but this does not happen immediately. While law enforcement does their job, you as the homeowner and faced with dealing with a civil matter over ownership of the property. Civil cases can move much faster than criminal. A civil case also puts a financial burden on the property owner to combat the false claim. Title insurance helps pay these costs.

Title insurance is paid one time and it’s good for however long you own that piece of property,

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